Lidded Ginger Jar in Shelby Osmond's Home
Dec 23 , 2015

Lidded Ginger Jar in Shelby Osmond's Home

My husband's Grandma created a vivid and fond memory for each of her grandchildren. In her home, on her kitchen counter was a beautiful ceramic jar known as the cookie jar. Every time the grandkids came over to visit, they always knew the cookie jar was going to be full. With the memory of that cookie jar, it incapsulated his Grandma's sweetness and her love and care for her grandkids. She has now passed on, but Brandon still talks and relives those memories with his Grandma. In efforts to create traditions and memories, I am so happy to have this Donny Osmond Ginger Jar that we now keep cookies and goodies in.
Also, those watermelons are from our garden and our boys are so proud of them. Even though they might have been picked prematurely, its so fun see the boys so proud of something that they helped grow.
Shelby Osmond
Shelby closer

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