The Meaning of a Tulip
May 29 , 2015

The Meaning of a Tulip

I love tulips.  I love all flowers and planting flowers in my flower beds, but if I had to choose a favorite today, I would have to pick tulips! They have so much meaning behind that beautiful flower. They state the meaning of "perfect love." They are the only flower that continues to grow after it's been cut.  They grow in the shape of the vase they're put in, they will grow in their circumstances.  They represent the essence of hope when they start blooming after a long cold winter.  They are hardy and strong.  They can withstand a spring snow storm or heavy rain.  Also, you have to plan ahead to have tulips.  In October you have to plant the bulbs to enjoy them in the Spring.  If by chance while planting the bulbs they get turned around and are not facing the right direction, it will always sort itself out and face the right direction to grow up towards the sun.  They come in all different colors and are breathtaking.  I just love them. I put tulips as a centerpiece on my table in the cutest Donny Osmond Home Decorative Jar.  It's so darling and very Spring with the little bird on the lid! I've always loved my tulips and enjoy them so much.  They are so fun to enjoy in Spring! That's just a few examples of the beautiful meaning of the tulip.  It's fun to know and makes me love that flower even more!

Happy weekend!

Melisa Osmond


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