These Four Walls
Apr 28 , 2015

These Four Walls

Since we got the Candle Holder Lantern, it has become T’s favorite home accessory. He picks it up, carries it around, and every once in awhile attempts to return it to where it belongs. Often times little dinosaurs or cars have found their way into our lantern and made themselves at home. While I took this picture this morning, a flood of thoughts filled my mind about motherhood. All the work and effort we make within the four walls of our home seem to go unnoticed by the world around us. There isn’t a “like" button people are pushing every time we make a sacrifice for our family, or every time we pull together dinner in record speed. There isn’t a way for people around the world to shower us with positive comments about the way we sing our baby to sleep, or teach them life lessons in the quiet of the day. There is no standing ovation when we seem to have powered through a sick day, watching the neighbors kids, taking dinner to a friend, finishing off the laundry and still managing to make time to get on the floor with the littles and give them what they want most — us. And when we grow from one child to two, or from one stage to the next, we don’t find a crowd at each finish line cheering us on or a small envelope with a bonus inside. At the end of the day, sometimes the only tangible validation we get is the kind of chocolate we’ve chosen to consume and some article on Facebook. But it’s days like today that I remind myself, there is no greater work that I can do, than what I do in these four walls. There are no accolades that can take it’s place. And while the day-to-day grind may go unnoticed to my Facebook or Instagram feed, it doesn’t go unnoticed to the ones that matter the most — my people, my home. And today, that’s enough. :)

Jessi Osmond


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