Decorate With Things That Make You Happy
Apr 19 , 2015

Decorate With Things That Make You Happy

I love interior design!  One thing I think is always great to incorporate are pieces that have meaning to you.  It's so fun with design, whatever your style, to create a meaningful spot that tells your story.  It's like a pop of color to an outfit or a bit of character to a room. It adds that little personal touch.  It also creates a feeling and special memory in your home for you and your family to see and walk by everyday.
I love this Slate Blue Plant Stand, from the Donny Osmond Home line. It's true, ask any of my friends, I love to decorate with blue.  It's all over my house in every shade.  I was drawn to this cute little table and couldn't wait to decorate with it.  So then what I did was added that personal touch.  I love sea shells.  It reminds me of my childhood growing up in Florida and happy vacations with family.  These are shells that our kids have collected from the beach visiting Grandma and Papa Hawthorne or fun vacations we have had with Mamo and Bapa Osmond.  They love it and are excited to collect more this summer.  The little wooden tray is a tray from Jeremy's Grandma Glenn, who he adored so much.  When he would go visit her they would eat on these trays and have picnics in her backyard.  She loved Jeremy so much and he loved his Grandma.  So every time we walk by it's a special table that brings all of us beautiful memories and makes us happy.
Melisa Osmond

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