Winter Blues
Mar 20 , 2015

Winter Blues

How are you doing this winter so far? Any winter blues setting in? We have just  had a few winter snowstorms which is completely opposite than what the East side of the country is getting. What about you? Have you had a lot of snow or are you enjoying a relatively calm winter?

For our family, we still feel like we are getting cabin fever/the winter blues every now and again. We went swimming at an indoor pool the other day and it was a snowstorm outside. It was fun to get in the water again, but also not so fun to head back into the cold snow outside.
One thing that I feel like that helps with our winter blues is board games. We usually play right by the fireplace that has our gold Donny Osmond Home Cast Iron Birds on it and enjoy each others company in this room.
A couple games that my boys and I are loving (with our simplified rules) are:
Do yo have any good games that you like to play?
Shelby Osmond
Shelby closer

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