Bapa's Girl
Feb 20 , 2015

Bapa's Girl

Our little Emy will be seven years old this month! We can hardly believe it.  She is such a gift and joy to us all!  She is the sweetest little girl and sure is loved by her Bapa and Mamo.  She is so tender and helpful.  When we get together with family, she is sure to bring a bag full of books to read to her little cousins.  She is the mommy to all the younger cousins and they all love Emy. I have to share the cutest story of the sweet little bond between Donny and Emy, grandpa and granddaughter.  Recently Bapa, (as our kids call him) told me he had picked out a little gift to give to his little girl, and when we come over he would give it to her.  He said it's from the Donny Osmond Home line.  When I was looking on the decor items on the website Emy was right there and immediately pointed to the Stacked Elephants Table Decor and said how cute it was and how much she loved it.  I said, "oh yes, that is super cute."  When we got to Bapa's house he gave Emy her gift and it was the Stacked Elephants she was loving.  I really couldn't believe it!  Bapa saw it and thought of Emy and she saw it and was immediately drawn to it.  They say great minds think alike!  Emy loved her sweet elephants from her Bapa and it sits right in her room on her table. They have always had the sweetest bond.  Bapa is always so sweet, fun, funny, and patient.  Emy just adores him and runs right to him!  Miss Emy is turning into the sweetest little lady and she is so blessed to have her Mamo and Bapa.  These little pictures are just a few I found of her with her grandparents.  We love our Emy so much and seeing how much they love and adore her is so special! I guess you could say they won the "Emy" with this one!  The Stacked Elephants is sweetest gift and one Emy will cherish forever!

Melisa Osmond


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