Dec 15 , 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is set and we are ready and waiting for Christmas. More than anything else, seeing the tree up and decorated makes Christmas feel near. My family and I like to make decorating the tree an event. Our kids receive ownership to the bottom of the tree and a pile of unbreakable ornaments that will most likely be moved around on several occasions before Christmas arrives. Those ornaments are like magnets to them; they just can't keep their hands off, but since they "own" the bottom of the tree, it's all fair. While we are decorating, we play Christmas music, listen to our children's current Christmas lists, eat treats and sip on Grandma's homemade hot chocolate. Life is good. Does your family have any tree decorating traditions? Do you let your children be involved? We used the Donny Osmond Home Circle 3D Wall Tiles to make this wall pop. These wall tiles are so fabulous and easy to use. I can't wait to see how you use them in your home!

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