Aug 05 , 2014

Summer Bucket List: Week 6

We've made it to August!!!  School is just a couple weeks away and we are doing our best to soak up every last second of summer.  This week we will: 1. Go Bowling

Permissible ball throwing to knock down far away objects is always a win with the kids.   Add some bumpers, and I'm guaranteed two tear-free, giggle-filled hours of entertainment. And some great Instagram shots.

2.  Make S'mores

 Clearly this can be a simple graham cracker+marshmallow+chocolate bar smooshed in the microwave activity.  And that is perfectly acceptable and delicious.  But, it's summer. And we like to embrace our summer nights.  With friends.  So we're taking our S'more savoring activity twenty steps further.  With a S'more bar.  Trust me on this one.  Your Homebased Mom gives all the details on how to make it happen.  In addition to her tips, we invite all our neighbors and ask them to bring two of their favorite S'more ingredients. And tell them to get creative. A couple notes to make the S'more making extra successful: Keep ample amounts of skewers, toothpicks, BBQ sticks, etc and paper towels handy.   If you don't have a fire pit (or other outdoor form of fire), a table-top grill works like a charm.  Or take the party to a park. It's a guaranteed gooey good time.

3.  Make Paper Airplanes I'm thinking I'll pick up some fun patterned paper on my next errand run, then keep the kids entertained making and flying paper airplanes during the S'mores party.  I love this handy airplane-folding guide:  I just need to figure out how to keep the kids from making (and flying) them during church... **Any fun summer plans happening in your backyard?**

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