Jul 29 , 2014

Summer Bucket List: Week 5

Swim Team and vacations are slowly winding down, and we are finally getting into the unscheduled part of summer.  And while I am craving extra lazy mornings, the bucket list is going to be needed more than ever.  Along with The Chores.  Lots and lots of chores.  My kids are sooo lucky to have me as a mom. A few things we'll be checking off this week:

1. Build a Fort Because everything is a little more enjoyable under a cave of blankets.  BuzzFeed instructs us in 5 Steps how to build an epic fort; an indoor getaway adults and children will equally treasure for hours on end. 2. Make Firefly JarsHow cool is this?!?!  It's the perfect light source for our inside fort enjoyment.  It also just so happens to be a sure-fire way to get kids to run up to their beds at night: "Hurry and brush your teeth and get in bed so you can watch your jars glow!!" Works like a charm.

3. Make SmoothiesIt's real hot and sometimes I just want to drink my calories, okay? A Cedar Spoon features a roundup of 40 Delicious Smoothie Recipes that have me reaching for my blender.  Do you think the kids will notice if I add some avocado and spinach to theirs???? **How will you be spending your summer this week?**

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