Jul 16 , 2014

Summer Bucket List: Week 4

We've had a ton of rain here lately, and as a result, we are all beginning to feel the stir crazies.  Time to muster up some simple and creative ways to expel mass amounts of energy.  This week we will:

1. Play lots and lots of TwisterThe actual game is a family favorite, and there will be lots of it played in the basement this week (and every week), but the second there is some sunshine, we are taking Twister outdoors.  She Knows breaks down the details on how to make it happen.  It's guaranteed to be a giggling good time for all ages (and if painting your grass isn't up your alley, follow the same steps on an old sheet)!!

2. Experiment with handprint artHow Wee Learn does an awesome round-up of 50 Keepsake Worthy Kids Handprint Art, and there is a little something featured to attract every kid in the family.   Even my anti-art big boy is begging to get in on the action, because...messy hands!!!! We'll be taking this one outdoors as well, because...messy hands!!!

3. Love on some LegosBuilding with Legos is one kid-friendly activity that will actually get me on the floor playing with my kids.  This week we're clearing the play room and building with those foot-stabbing bricks. Let's Build It Again has thousands of Lego instructions available at your fingertips.  My favorites are the super basic sets from when I was little.  Of course, there will also be plenty of free-building happening as well. I'm ready to start some constructing!! **How will you be spending your summer this week?**

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