Jul 08 , 2014

Summer Bucket List: Week 3

So far, so good heading into our third week of happily checking items off our Summer Bucket List. On the agenda this week:

1. Kids Plan Dinner 
Why have I not been doing this for forever?  I mean, besides the fact that we would be eating chicken nuggets and frozen pizza every night.  I have no problem cooking dinner for my family.  It's the whole coming up with a meal idea that won't incite harmonious groans that is my major issue.  Can I get an Amen?!?!  Soooo, I laid all the cookbooks on the kitchen island and tasked the kids with coming up with a meal they were excited for.  One child picks the entree, one picks a side and one picks a dessert.  Then they each help make their chosen item.  We are loving this so much, we'll be repeating every week.

2. Family Game Night 

Maybe it's just me, but as soon as the dinner dishes are done, I am done.  My mom meter has clocked out.  Which works out just fine on a school night.  But during the summer, my kids need some occasional night entertainment.  This week I promised the kids a family game night.  We'll throw a bunch of board games on the kitchen table and have at until the inevitable tears begin to flow.  At which point it will be time for bed.  A little family togetherness over a rousing game of Monopoly-I think I can manage that.

3. Make a batch of fresh Lemonade

Because it is just so summer.  And refreshing.  And throw a couple hot dogs on the grill and it's dinner.  create.craft.love. did a round-up of 20 Kid-Friendly Lemonade Recipes. Bookmark that baby.  I have a suspicion I am going to be one frequent visitor of that post-- we're talking stalker-status. Dear Summer, I really, really like you.  Let's stay BFFs 4-ever. **Have you checked any items off your summer bucket list?**

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