Mix of Classic and Trendy
Jul 02 , 2014

Mix of Classic and Trendy

In my home, I try to keep a pretty good mix of classic and trendy pieces. The classic pieces I tend to invest more in, keeping in mind that they will remain stylish for a large time period.

With trendy pieces of furniture or decor, I try to keep a small budget or buy these things on deep discount. For me, these include pillows, throws, books, quirky decor items, and plants. These things cost little money and little heartbreak when they are no longer trendy.

My own personal rule when buying classic pieces is to keep them pretty neutral so that I can change room color palettes or ideas without purchasing pricier items over and over again.

How to you purchase items for your home? Do you have a mix of classic and trendy? What items do you buy on discount and what do you splurge on?

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