May 20 , 2014

Making Memorial Day Memories

I love when the red, white and blue season begins; star-spangled banners, patriotic pride and gratitude for the very best of us. These are the days worth celebrating. This weekend, we'll be hosting a backyard BBQ. Because the skies are spacious and America is beautiful, and a hot dog tastes so much better when stars and stripes are waving in the wind. We'll be plastering our deck in streamers of the red, white and blue variety, but for a little extra pizzazz, I'm thinking these beauties from Multiples and More will do the trick.  They suggest using florists wire, but an embroidery hoop (or anything that is sturdy and round) should work just as well.  And because a party at our house means a bazillion kids running around, we'll be needing something to keep their hands busy while my husband burns the burgers.  These adorable crowns from Spoonful will make for the perfect patriotic craft.  And let's be honest, the photo op when all is said and assembled will be pretty close to priceless.  At the very least, highly instagrammable.  To wash down the char, we'll spend the afternoon sipping on Red and Blue Lemonade from Betty Crocker. This is one drink that is equal parts tasty and delicious. Keep it kid-friendly by omitting the limoncello.For the grande finale, we'll dig into a perfectly patriotic confection.  This Red, White and Blueberry Trifle from Food Network is light and fluffy and super simple to make.  It's the sparkler at the end of sunshine-filled, belly-satisfied day. **How will you be spending your Memorial Day?**

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