Apr 01 , 2014

The Brilliance of Bubbles

I have a mild obsession with bubbles.  With good reason. First: they are cheap.  Second: they are portable.  Third: they bring instant happiness to any age and any moment. In a word: bubbles are magic. I always keep a bottle of bubbles in the car, because, sometimes I need an impromptu park visit and blowing bubbles at the kids while they swing and slide brings a sort of giggle that is completely gratifying. I always keep a bottle of bubbles in my bag, because, tantrums end the instant I uncap the bubbles and pull out the wand.  The magic wand.   I always have several bottles of bubbles in the garage, because, when basketball and bike riding gets boring, bubbles are always engaging. I always have a bubble machine blowing at my outdoor parties, because, bubbles are pizzazz. Basically, bubbles are brilliant.  Buuuuttttt, lest you aren't satisfied with ordinary bubbles, let's spend the weekend making bubbles extraordinary:  Unpoppable?!? Yes!!!!  We will be doing all sorts of experimenting with these puppies this weekend.  Put all ingredients in a giant bucket, and while the solution sets, send the kids on a scavenger hunt through the house to find round objects that will work to make gigantic bubbles.  Hint: hula hoops work like a charm! However you go about spending your week, blow a bubble and make a smile.

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