Mar 18 , 2014

Step into Spring

My outdoors is still screaming winter.  A loud, high-pitched, throw-my-fingers-in-my-ears-and-pretend-I-can't-hear-it scream (coincidentally, my 4-year old did the exact same thing this morning when I told her to clean her room.  Strange).  However, there is a date on our calendar highlighted in purple marker and filled with flowers and smiles and sunshines. March 20th marks a day of hope and change (coincidentally, someone should probably run a campaign on that's catchy).  March 20th promises that backyard swinging sessions and sun-soaked lemonade sippings are just around the corner.  March 20th sings to my Spring-craving soul. And while mother nature may have missed the memo that Spring is knocking on my door,  I sure haven't.  In fact, come March 20th, I will be flinging my doors open to Spring, grabbing her by the arm and giving her a big, fat smooch.  Here's some ways my family will be celebrating the arrival of this most glorious season...indoors (but only temporarily.  I take my promises of hope and change very seriously): My lawn may still be covered in snow, but these adorable paper tulips just might make me forget. Pastels are all the rage, and while I'm excited to share the news with my closet, my belly will be far more appreciative when I devour this perfectly pastel Spring Cookie Pizza. These Nutter Butter carrot cookies count as a serving of vegetables, right?!? Spring is nearly synonymous with deviled egg season, and now the kids and I have a most adorable craft to put the leftover eggshells to good use with these super fun eggshell mosaics. **How will you be welcoming the arrival of spring in your home?**

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