Feb 19 , 2014

Let's go Camping (in the Living Room)

We are officially through with Winter around here.  Take the snow away.  Keep school in session.  SHOW US SOME STINKING SUNSHINE.  I am craving the ability to leave my house without being weighed down by armfuls of coats and hats and gloves and scarves.  I want to breathe in the fresh air without freezing my nose hairs.  That's all I'm asking.  Non-frozen nose hairs. 
And so, this weekend, we're going camping.  We're ditching our beds and opting for sleeping bags.  We're snacking on S'mores and playing flashlight tag and telling spooky stories.  And we are going to do it all from the comfort of home.  Where there is heat. And electricity.  And Netflix.  And, shhhh, when the kids are all asleep, I am going to sneak out of my sleeping bag and hop right back into my comfy, cozy bed.  Camping indoors....it's a beautiful thing. Sometimes all it takes is a little change of pace, and an ordinary evening becomes an extraordinary memory. **Where will you be pitching your tent this weekend?** PS You can find my most favorite indoor S'more recipe here.

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