Jan 27 , 2014

Snow Much Fun

Soooo, since the snow shows no signs of stopping, we have decided to try and make the most of it. Saturday we bundled up in head-to-toe snow gear (think full Christmas Story marshmallow people), and headed out to play.  With some accessories:

1. Beach toys: The kids loved rummaging through their sand shovels and buckets and were out making snow castles in no time.  Added bonus: the snow holds together much easier than sand.  Double added bonus: Dad has just as much fun building as the kids.   
2. Snow paint: This one is their favorite.  Find a couple empty spray bottles or squirt bottles (I stock up whenever I see them in the dollar section at Target) and fill them will water.  Add a couple drops of food coloring, and voila: snow paint.  The kids used their "paint" to decorate the snow castles.  And when the castles were covered in color, they played tic-tac-toe in the snow.  Then the loser got mad and started throwing snow balls.  Which escalated into snow wrestling.  At that point I walked indoors and left them under their father's supervision.  Because they are most certainly his children at that point. **How are you making the most of the winter weather where you live??**

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