Jan 13 , 2014

Playful Play Dough Cookies

"Stop playing with your food!!!"  It's a phrase heard far too frequently in this household.  I may never understand the fascination with stabbing one's finger into a bowl full of macaroni and cheese.  I certainly will never be able to make it cease. And so, when I announce we will be baking Play Dough Cookies, the crowd of four goes wild.   Colorful sugar cookie dough they get to manipulate, stretch like worms and roll into pinwheels, with the added benefit of consumption a mere 8 minutes later...it's akin to Disneyland.
Next time you find yourself cooped inside, round up the kids and mix up these playful little cookies.  And happily watch those adorable fat little fingers poke at their food with a smile plastered on your face.  Then feed your face with said cookies.  We all win.

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