Jan 08 , 2014

Goals for the Good of My Family

Monday night I called the kids down, pried the phone from my husband's hands, and proclaimed it family goal-setting night.  I was met with roars of excitement and tears of joy (I mean, I am pretty sure that's what all the kicking and grunting implied).  We started our goal-making session by establishing our annual Family Mission Statement, which acts as our family motto for the year.  We agreed on, "Is it kind?" Before you speak, think, "is it kind?" Before you act, think, "is it kind?"  When you go to bed at night, ask yourself, "was I kind?" Here's to hoping that the 76,548th time I say it, it will work. Especially for myself. Next we discussed how to appropriately make SMART goals.  In order for goals to be effective, they must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound. We handed each of the kids a piece of paper and a pencil and instructed them to fold their paper into fourths, then label the top of each square: Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional.  They were tasked with the assignment to determine an area in each category they wanted to improve upon.  Their goals ranged from "stop chewing with my mouth open by Valentine's Day" and "brush my teeth every morning" to "read 80 chapter books before Christmas" and "say my prayers every night." Kids are awesome.  And, as much as I grudgingly force myself to make them, goals are awesome. **Does your family set goals together?**

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