Nov 18 , 2013

Clean and Contribute

I may or may not be addicted to purging.  Closets, toy bins, cabinets, shelves: black bags full of stuff exiting my home gives me the sort of high that should be illegal. Aaannnndd, knowing the items leaving my home are going to someone who will appreciate them far more than myself, completely feeds my addiction.  Needless to say, we do a lot of filling of black bags around here. November is the perfect month for a family purge-fest. Temperature changes mean wardrobe changes...the perfect time to sort through last season's apparel and pass along those items which you no longer crave seeing hanging in your closet.  I make the kids go through their closets, too.  Anything with holes they throw in a garbage pile. Anything that is too small goes in a separate pile, which I comb through and determine if it is an item that will be passed down to a sibling, or donated.  Next, we hit the toy bins. Anything missing parts or pages joins the holey clothes in the garbage pile.  Any toy they no longer have interest in goes in the separate pile for donation.  And then I make them pick one toy that they still really like (but not necessarily love) to give away.  Because I firmly believe part of the joy in giving comes from a little sacrifice on our part.  And Christmas is a month away and they will be filling their shelves with new items they love.  And every child deserves to have their eyes light up when they spot that super cool, new (even if it is only new-to-them) toy. Then we load the car up and head over to the local donation spot. Ours is The Red Cross. Yours may be a Goodwill, or a DI.  And when we have tons and tons of stuff, we have the Vietnam Veterans of America come pick it up off our front porch.  Click here to see if they do pick-ups in your area.  It's super convenient. 'Tis the season of giving.  And giving feels sooo good.  Even better than sparkling clean closets and shelves. **Do you regularly purge?  How do you get your family excited to give to others?**

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