Nov 14 , 2013

Licensee Interview: The Willowbrook Company

We had the opportunity to sit down with Mark Johnson, of The Willowbrook Company, during the launch party and discuss what they are bringing to Donny Osmond Home. Read about it below. Q:Tell us about your product for Donny Osmond Home. Mark: "We offer Scented Envelope Sachets." Q: What makes this product special? Mark: “A fragrance is like a perfume for the home—it’s the last piece that makes the statement. It brings comfort, nostalgia, and possibly a memory.” Q: Do you have a favorite scent from the line? Mark: "Heaven scent is one of six scents currently launching—it’s a lavender blend with musk overtones." Q: What can we expect to see from you in the future? Mark: "We will be introducing our reed diffusers and flameless scents for continuous release of fragrance." Q: How does your product fit into the Donny Osmond brand in bringing home and family together? Mark: “Scent plays such a big part in memory—it transports you back to a holiday with Mom’s apple pie or Grandma’s baked cookies. And those things create comfort in the home. Scent invokes feelings of nurturing. It makes a family relaxed…or invigorated.” The Willowbrook Company had scented the NYC launch party and it smelled fabulous! Not overpowering, just light and fresh. I'm a big fan. You can check out the sachets at

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