Nov 12 , 2013

Interior Design Made Easy: Lighting Your Space

When decorating a space, lighting is everything. It sets the mood, welcomes you home, adds style, comfort, and brightness.

Never forget to add lighting: floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights, and overhead lighting. Wherever you can add it in-do it. A well-lit room is the beginning of a well-designed room.

I find leaving the overhead lights off and switching on the lamps to be a bit more moody and welcoming to relaxation. That doesn't mean to forget overhead lighting. Overhead can be super stylish and offer great light, which is important particularly on these dreary winter days and dinner times. 


Are you a lamp or overhead light kind of person?

Looking for some excellent lighting? Check out Donny Osmond Home table and floor lamps. They are certain to light up your life.


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