Oct 22 , 2013

Licensee Interview: Lamp Works

We had the opportunity to sit down with David Grady and Jeff Zlabis, of Lamp Works, during the launch party and discuss their gorgeous line of lamps for Donny Osmond Home. Read about it below. Q: Tell us about your product line. David: "We offer lamps with freshness. We have between sixteen and eighteen lamps in the initial design process for Donny Osmond Home." "Our lamps for this line are transitional. Like Donny, they cover and appeal to many generations and styles of people. We have traditional, contemporary and modern lamps, and glass, crystal and rustic lamps, for example." Q: What are the future plans with Lamps Works and Donny Osmond Home? Jeff: "We would like to offer desk lights, task lights, and LED. We also are working on having our products made in America and to be able to offer recycled options." “ We try to produce what’s trending now, while feeding the pipeline with the designs of tomorrow.” Q: What is your design approach? David: “Our lamps are almost pieces of art…these lamps are not vanilla or benign. They are distinguished. They have flair. They’re unique. And always, they provide quality at an affordable price.” Q: How does Lamp Works fit the Donny Osmond brand of bringing home and family together? Jeff: “We share a commonality in culture—we believe in the home. We’re energized by it. One of the highest compliments you can pay to a parent comes when a child says, ‘Let’s go to their house. I always feel like I can be myself there.’ Our lamps add to that homey, welcoming feeling that every parent hopes for. Our lamps add feelings of protection to the home…like it’s a home secure from the world, or that it’s an escape from it.”  Come back tomorrow to see more of Donny Osmond Home lamp talk. See all the Lighting at DonnyOsmond.com.

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