Oct 17 , 2013

Let's Decorate

The pumpkin patch was a roaring success and now I find myself with way more gourds than I am willing to gut.  And cut.  And get angry at when my carefully carved eye falls straight out of my pumpkin's head.  Soooo, I've located some quick and easy options for personalizing our pumpkins with the added bonus of no knives in sight.  It's a family fun night (or four) in the making.  The always amazing Martha Stewart shows us how a little glue and some glitter transforms a pumpkin into a show piece.  And for those of us with less patience: give the kids some Elmer's and some glitter and let them have at that pumpkin.  Preferably outdoors.  Better Homes and Gardens offers a plethora of perfectly painted pumpkin ideas.  Free downloadable templates included!! For the mini-munchkins: put on some play clothes, give them some paints, a paintbrush and a pumpkin, send them outside, and set their imaginations free. Lowes takes us straight into dad's tool chest.  Nuts and bolts have never looked so creepy, or cool.  And perhaps my most favorite: Spoonful makes good use of those old magazines collecting dust.  And it is awesome. I'm ready to get my craft on.  And by craft, I mean, use scissors. **How will you be decorating your pumpkins this year?? Anything outside the box? Leave us a comment and let us know!**

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