Oct 15 , 2013

Licensee Interview: Anji Mountain

We had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Gold of Anji Mountain during the launch party and discuss their rugs for Donny Osmond Home. Read about it below. Q: Tell us about your product. Jeff: "We offer a natural fiber rug collection that joins sustainability with fashion." "We're doing a lot of cool things with jutes. We've got great textures, different colors, and lots of unique looks and weaves." Q: What can we look forward to seeing in your future design plans with Donny Osmond Home? Jeff: "We plan on putting a greater focus on recycled materials and experimenting more with patterns and designs." Q: What is your design approach? Jeff: "We are bringing something really unique: organic, fashionable, textured rug options for families." Q: How does your product fit in with the Donny Osmond Home brand? Jeff:  “Our rugs offer durability for the modern family. They are sustainable and make for responsible citizens. We think those lasting elements are in-line with the timeless values Donny shares.”   Come back tomorrow to see more of Donny Osmond Home Rug talk. See all the Area Rugs at DonnyOsmond.com.

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