Oct 07 , 2013

Currently Trending: Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are such an easy way to inexpensively fill a space, while displaying your favorite photographs, art, keepsakes, and wall hangings.

I love seeing a wall wallpapered with framed happiness. I tend to try to keep at least one thing in a common: maybe a color scheme, the frame, or a theme. However, do what is pleasant to your own eye.

To create your own gallery wall, gather a collection of wall hangings, arrange them first on the floor until you find an arrangement you like- starting with a focal point and building out (you may even want to outline the art on your wall with painters tape for a better visualization), and then hang.

Try mixing in the unexpected among your photographs and art: taxidermy, old keys, clocks, a wooden letter, a framed piece of geometric fabric, your butterfly collection; just think outside the box.


The Donny Osmond Home 'Life is Beautiful' wall sign would be lovely in a gallery wall. I can picture it among family photographs, framed dried roses, a family motto wall hanging, and family mementos.

Share your gallery walls with us on Pinterest. Can't wait to see your creations!


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