Oct 03 , 2013

Leaf Love

Little matches that feeling of triumph when the last pile of leaves is scooped and bagged and the lawn, that just hours before was carpeted in crunchy fall foliage, is now restored to blades of green and gold.  It's glorious.

But there is a feeling even more gratifying: when that elation stems from raking someone else's yard. Service: a contribution to the welfare of others.  Service: a purposeful sacrifice. Service: the most effective means of happiness. Thomas S. Monson declared, “No one has learned the meaning of living until he has surrendered his ego to the service of his fellow man."

We all know someone in our neighborhood who is elderly, widowed, or simply burdened by life.  Someone who cannot muster the time or energy necessary to erase the signs of fall from their yard. Let us seize this opportunity to gather our family, rakes, blowers and bags in hand, to make a small difference for this needful someone. Let us seize this opportunity to teach and to learn and to live life the way it was intended.  Let us go and serve.  It will be a sacrifice, but when my little boy sees the smile on my neighbor's face and when my little girl wraps her arms around my neighbor's neck, it will be worth it.  We will have seized the opportunity to give and to feel joy.

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