Sep 17 , 2013

Feeling Fall: Apple Picking

Can you feel it?  The sparkling of the senses.  The crisp in the air.  The golden on the trees.  That fabulous feeling of Fall?All images via Casey McDaniel Photography

Each year, as the sunscreen and swimwear is traded for backpacks and alarm clocks, I find myself craving family.  Those same little people that just weeks prior were incessantly fighting and repeatedly murmuring a most loathsome phrase (you know the one, it starts with “I am” and ends with “bored” and seems to only be uttered in a most whiney, nails-against-the-chalkboard sort of voice) are all of a sudden absent and I am stuck folding mismatched socks and missing them. Missing the silly and the belly laughs and the knee hugs.  And so, after all the homework and the piano practicing and the forced showers (tell me I am not the only one forcing showers upon her children), we play. Sometimes we ride our bikes to the park.  Other times we simply celebrate with an Otter Pop on the driveway.

One of our favorite family playtime activities is autumn apple picking; it is perfectly Fall festive and wonderfully versatile.  I have done it with a couple kids on a weekday in between naps as well as made it a Saturday afternoon adventure with the whole family in tow.  There is just something to be said about the freedom that accompanies a giant empty  basket and rows of apple trees as far as the eye can see.  Kids on dads’ shoulders precariously stretching for that perfect apple on the tippy-top of that just-out-of-reach branch, bouncing babies nibbling on the fallen fruit decorated in dirt, boys and girls giggling in a rousing game of hide-and-seek.  It’s all simply so magical.
And the apple-cider donuts washed down with freshly squeezed apple juice--- that is just icing on the powder-sugar dusted apple pound cake.

So sometime this week, in between the chores and the crazy and the chaos, we will stop and embrace the wonder of Fall.  We will go pick apples and get our knees dirty and fill our tummies.  And we will be happy.

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