Sep 10 , 2013

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Some perfectly good summer days were created for splashing.  Others for swinging.  But the most special days, those days you wish you could bottle up and keep forever snuggled in the pittery-patting part of your heart...those days involve a kite, tousled hair, and lots and lots of tangled twine.

We here try our best to never let a windy day go wasted.  While our favorite flying outings involve the ocean as our backdrop, we have been known set our kites soaring anywhere from tennis courts to empty parking lots.  Any open space will do.  And when those little determined legs and craned necks begin squealing in delight as that flimsy piece of plastic catches the breeze and begins to flutter into the clouds---it's akin to a super hero moment. And one can never experience enough super hero moments.

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