Sep 09 , 2013

Interior Design Made Easy: Adding Texture to Your Space

To make a house a home, texture is important. Possibly, most important-next to the people living in it, that is. Texture warms a space, adds interest, and really completes the design in every room.I like to use wood, leather, glass, metal, and fur materials, just to name a few, to add in some serious texture. It makes the space feel done and special, while keeping a 'gathered with time' vibe instead of everything purchased all at once.


Use woods and and metals to add sophistication and masculinity, fabric and glass for softness and femininity, and leather for a well-loved/well-traveled space. Mix in textures that bring in warmth and comfort like a wool throw or a jute rug and accessories that make a space feel alive with family and memories.

What are your favorite textures to include in your home? Share photos of your texture-filled home with us on Pinterest (@donnyosmondhome)!

**Add texture to your home with the Donny Osmond Home 'Perfect Diamond' jute rug and 'Wall Tiles' featured above.

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