Oct 03 , 2013

Interior Design Made Easy: Mixing Metals

Good news: Mixing metals isn't a faux pas. In fact, it's in!

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There was a time when mixing gold and nickel was not okay. When every metal in your home had to be the same color and finish. Not anymore. I love that interior decorating rules are being broken and those breaking all the rules, are making beautiful homes.

I love brass and silver in the same space. Together, they look glamorous and gathered with time. Mixing any metals gives this effect, making your home modern and stylish.

I'm seeing mixed metals in bathrooms with brushed nickel faucets and shiny brass chandeliers, kitchens with oil rubbed bronze light fixtures and gold cabinet pulls, living rooms with a silver garden stool and brass picture frames. Anything goes if it's appealing to your eye, the one making your house a home.

No limits. Mix away.

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