Oct 02 , 2013

Donny Osmond Home: Fall Breeze with Stylish Fans

I love the fall breeze. It takes the edge off the summer heat and humidity, but isn't  frigid like the winter wind. I try to replicate that perfect fall breeze in my home for evening comfort or when I have a house full of guests that tend to heat up a space pretty quickly.

The problem with fans: they can be quite an eyesore.

The new Donny Osmond Home fans are stylish and sleek. Their design is intended to become part of your decor, instead of taking away from all your pretty things.

Now you can keep your family and all their guests cool without pulling out your old, dusty box fan. Mmm...fall breeze for all.

What's your favorite fan design?

I'm pretty fond of the Legacy. I like that it's a bit masculine and modern-with an old flair.

**You can find these fans and more at DonnyOsmond.com.

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