Sep 30 , 2013


Nice to meet you.  I'm Erica.  A sunshine-soaking, ice cream-eating, playdough-protesting wife of a wakeboarding banker and mommy to four lake-loving, homework-hating, pizza-popping little lovies: Ryder (9), Linley (7), Tessa (4) and Eden (1).  We are magical memory-makers, gut-busting gigglers and show-stopping shower singers.  We also lack any speck of gracefulness, scream at each other regularly, and spill lots and lots of milk.  We believe life should be lived like one perpetual play-date and desperately try to avoid taking ourselves too seriously. We're the Zimmerman's.  We hope you'll join us on our adventures as we look to find ways to keep ours a family of forever friends.

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