Sep 09 , 2013

Making Your Home a Place Your Family Wants to Be.

Having a styled home can often be labeled as uncomfortable, sterile, unwelcoming, and cold. On the flip side, a home where a family actually lives can be confused with being disorganized, sloppy, unsophisticated, and lacking real style.
It is possible to have both a well designed home and a home your family wants and loves to be in, where comfort is at its finest.
Think of durability, comfort, storage, accessories, lighting, texture, pattern, layering, and color.
Let your family live, really live, in your wonderfully styled home. A home where you don't take yourself too seriously, where nothing is too precious, or too fragile or delicate. Where every lamp and throw and piece of art and rug was intentionally placed with style in mind and love in your heart.
**Look for the 'Let all that you do be done in love' wall sign and more at Donny Osmond Home.

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